A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer
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A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer A Second in Eternity
Gary L. Wimmer
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A Second in Eternity by Gary L. Wimmer

A Second in Eternity is the true story about a "near-death, out-of-body" experience I had in 1977, an experience that changed my life forever and still inspires and empowers me to this day.

I’ve always been somewhat psychic, as are all people. I first noticed my natural ability as a child when I began having accurate premonitions, but I had no idea what they were or why I had them. Ever-curious, during college I began reading the works of numerous spiritualists and psychics, and started actively developing my own psychic abilities. By 1973, I was giving readings. Then during February of 1977, I had the most profound of experiences.

Over the course of a day or so, I found myself becoming increasingly more psychic, minute-by-minute and second-by-second, and I was able to
see, feel, and know things, especially the immediate future, at will and with uncanny clarity. There was no neutral, and unable to turn these phenomena off, I had to find outlets for the energies and insights overtaking me, so to friends I began accurately forecasting numerous events before they would occur. They were stunned, but also quite concerned. So was I, as within days the intensity escalated to the point where I could no longer remember what 'normal' life was like.

While immersed within this tsunami of psychic phenomena and insight, I vacillated between indescribable euphoria and intense fear, and I searched for
balance and spiritual understanding. By the end of that week - the most intense week of my life - everything had become too complex, too symbolic, and too much to handle! To top it off, while pacing down a crowded sidewalk, overwhelmed by what I was experiencing, I was hit head-on by a speeding car.

I instantly left my body, felt amazing bliss, and witnessed the accident from above while expanding outward in all directions, like the surface of a balloon being instantly filled with air. Losing all sense of a personal self, I sped through the 'tunnel of light' often described by others, experienced ecstasy and beauty beyond description for what seemed like an eternity, then returned to my body, sprawled out on the chaotic street.

I opened my eyes to find the terrified driver on his knees, hovering over me and begging me to respond. Surrounded by a crowd of shocked witnesses,
I was bewildered, but not hurt or feeling any pain. And compared to where I'd just been and what I'd just witnessed, this little collision was nothing!

Feeling ecstatic, I leaped to my feet and started talking to witnesses, all of whom were amazed that I was even alive. In no time, three police cars, an ambulance, and a tow truck arrived on the scene. From there, I found myself in the custody of numerous "grounding agents."

Still, I clearly realized what had happened. I was gone from my body for only seconds of Earth time, but for what seemed like an eternity in the highest of dimensions. Indeed, I visited the mind of God, was at one with the Creator, and experienced the one and only Infinite, the source of all possibilities. Since that night I've considered myself one of the luckiest of people just for having had this experience, especially upon it being revealed to me months later why I had it. Prior to my voyage, I did not believe that any human could actually "go there" and return. Now I know otherwise, as do other people who have had a near-death experience (NDE).

A Second in Eternity takes the reader on a vivid voyage through the mind and soul of one becoming overwhelmed by psychic phenomena. It describes the onset and escalation of the unfiltered perception that takes over when the wall that usually separates the conscious and subconscious minds begins to dissipate. This story reveals the steps I went through in unknowingly going from normal everyday consciousness to dimensions and worlds beyond imagination, to being at one with the Infinite, and to returning back to the world of space and time on Earth... as a different person.

Most of the incidents described in the book took place during 1977. I started writing my original manuscript in 1997 after telling a short version of this story to about a dozen waiters and bartenders at a club in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I was about to perform on the evening of February 7, 1997. It was the twentieth anniversary of my ‘second in eternity’ and because of the intensity of the experience, I clearly remember what I went through during that period in 1977. In 2010, I reconnected with many of the people in this story. They confirmed its accuracy, and a few even reminded me of other incidents and conversations.

A Second in Eternity
contains the remaining paperwork and copies of the original police and court reports taken from microfilm, but with all the names blocked out for privacy concerns.

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