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Close Security 
From the personal journals of 
Craig Slaughter
Risk Management Specialist on
hundreds of covert operations.
Known to his enemies as

'El Zorro Plata' - The Silver Fox

Created, written and 2007 by:
Doran W. Ingrham & Gary L. Wimmer
WGA, West Registration Number:1230946

Government officials, corporate executives and engineers are high profile targets when they travel and work in developing and third world countries, and are often at risk of being kidnapped. As a result, powerful players on the world stage are willing to pay whatever is necessary to have these and other problems solved without delay, questions or compromises. They consider hiring Risk Management Specialists to insure the safety of their employees and achieve their goals as an integral part of doing business.

These Risk Management Specialists live and work in a world of terrorist factions, insurgents, drug lords, slave traders, extremist religious sects, and international conspirators with agendas of self-interest at stake. In this dark world deception, betrayal, torture and death are constants.

CLOSE SECURITY is a TV series based on the true life experiences of Doran W. Ingrham , written by Doran and co-author Gary L. Wimmer. CLOSE SECURITY consists of a PILOT about how Craig becomes involved in the Risk Management business and 7 Episodes covering several of his covert missions in foreign countries.

 EL ZORRO PLATA is a screenplay about the final mission. For information about CLOSE SECURITY (the TV series) or EL ZORRO PLATA (the movie screenplay) please contact either Doran or Gary. Screenplays of the Movie, the Pilot and the Episodes are available, as are character breakdowns and synopses.

Gary L. Wimmer
7209 Whispering Oaks Dr.
Austin, TX  78745-5237
(512) 707-0836